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Top Note is a (growing) music tuition service that focuses on being a 'one-stop-shop' for brass, wind and drum players and operates a programme of wind, brass and percussion tuition in and out of school, please contact us to see what we have available in your area. Top Note has been operating in Hamilton since 2009 and will be starting in the Taranaki region in 2020.

Top Note aims to meet all your musical needs: tuition, instrument hire, music, supplies etc thus making life easier for you the student/parent.

Over the COVID era ZOOM has become an important tool and topnote zoom lessons are an extremely effective way of learning. Zoom get the best possible value for the learner by eliminating lost time in travel and warming up and packing away, and if any of us are sick we can still meet safely.

Top Note principal tutor, Jody Thomas specialises in brass - trumpet and trombone, and music theory. There are occasionally opportunities for new tutors to join the programme whether on brass, winds or drums, please get in touch if you are interested in joining the team.

Online ZOOM lessons available for theory (individual or group lessons), and brass.



Dec 6 2021

Last week for lessons


Hukanui online signups are now live.

Taranaki: contact me for options of lessons over the holidays or start planning for next year.

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