Mini-bones is a programme unique to Top Note and something I have had in the planning stages for many years waiting for a suitable instrument to become available.

Mini-bones uses mini plastic trombones, these are actually ALTO trombones which are very rare and until these plastic ones became available altos were only marketed to professionals with a matching price-ticket!

I teach minibones kids to read real music as if they were playing full sized trombones, this means that when they are ready to step up they only have a tiny bit of adjusting to do; and because they are learning to play real music they have a host of transferrable skills giving them a headstart on whichever instrument they choose for next year.

Why mini-bones? these younger children have less developed facial muscles and so the trombone is ideal as it has a larger mouthpiece  which is easier to control, the instrument is lightweight and requires less coordination being just an arm moving not all fingers and thumbs.

Minibones lessons are proper music lessons following exactly the same programme as band so the costs are the same as for learning trombone in the band.

  • Tuition $21 per week

  • Hire $120+gst til December performances

  • stand $15, cleaning kit $20, Band bag $15 are available but not essential



Dec 6 2021

Last week for lessons


Hukanui online signups are now live.

Taranaki: contact me for options of lessons over the holidays or start planning for next year.

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