Online Lessons

Online lessons are a highly effective way of teaching and do need to have a high speed connection and ideally some kind of headset (not bluetooth). I can do a free session with you to help you get set-up.

Online lessons using Zoom during the Covid19 lockdowns in New Zealand enabled my students to not only keep going but to dig deeper as the different tools available enabled me to be more effective in providing notes and recordings. Several parents said that their kids actually did better with online lessons in the comfort of their own home.

Children with learning difficulties, dyslexia and autism often do exceptionally well with online lessons. There screen enables music to become more visual and I can provide detailed practice recordings to work from to accelerate learning.


Online lessons also make exceptionally good use of your driving and sitting in traffic, no juggling a spare kid who doesn't want to sit in the car and wait, no problems with a sick sibling or other family member, extra time to be doing other stuff at home, easy for parents to sit in on lessons, set-up and warm-up before the lesson not during your time as would be in face to face lessons.

I also run online group lessons for music theory which are very effective as chatter and distractions are minimized. I currently have groups for grade 1, 2, and 5 and am happy add others.

Please email me to discuss booking a trial lesson.



Dec 6 2021

Last week for lessons


Hukanui online signups are now live.

Taranaki: contact me for options of lessons over the holidays or start planning for next year.

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