The Top Note Ethos

I firmly believe that music should be shared and as such I encourage my students to perform as often as possible, and music should always be performed with excellence.

I strongly encourage students to work towards grade exams as soon as they are ready. I believe that a serious goal helps students to focus on mastering the details of technique and performance. Following an internationally renowned exam syllabus enables parents and students to see that real progress is being made along a path that has been defined by world leaders in the field.

As part of the performance ethos all students are encouraged to participate in local music competitions which happen in the school holidays between terms 2 and 3, and terms 3 and 4. There are also opportunities to perform solo at national competitions which local bands attend. I organize recitals and brass parties once or twice per year, where students perform solo, in small groups and have the opportunity to hear me and other top local musicians perform.

Another aspect of performance is group playing. We are incredibly fortunate in Hamilton to have a raft of opportunities for our children to perform. I organise TopNote! brass ensembles, but I also encourage students to get involved with the symphonic bands, brass bands, youth orchestras, their school ensembles and other ensembles. Again these groups get opportunities to perform in public regularly.

Playing music is a fun social activity providing our young people with a great outlet for their energies! And a like-minded peer group.



Nov 26th: Hukanui Demo day: performance band needed from 6 til 7pm


​Nov 30th: hukanui band celebration day, all players involved, minibones and beginner band. Special guest performances from Fairfield Intermediate School Orchestra, and Hamilton Big Band

Dec 4th: Trinity brass and marimba exams

Dec 11th: hukanui graduation, both bands required

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