Pre-band: Introduction To Music Programme

This introduction to music programme is taught at Hukanui school and is called Preband.

Lessons in 2020 will be on Thursdays at 8.10, 8.35 and 12.30 depending on numbers. Lessons cost $138 per (10 week) term in advance. If we do recorders in term 3 there is a small additional charge for the instrument pack.

Boomwhackers are core in our programme

Boomwhackers are a huge part of the intro programme

The Jiggs P'bone, plastic trombone, is light and almost indestructible....a great place to start!

This 3 y/o made a great sound on this tiny trombone.

The purpose of this course is to introduce the fundamental musical concepts in a fun and meaningful way and to give young children (6-8 years) hands-on experience of different classes of musical instrument to enable them to make an informed choice about which to play when the time comes. The course will include playing trumpets, keyboards, marimba and percussion as well as being introduced to other orchestral instruments that are too big for them to play just yet! The students will also start to learn to read and write basic music symbols.
The Introduction to Music course will consist of weekly 25 minute lessons taught in groups of 3-4 mostly.

Term 1: Introduction to musical concepts
Pulse, loud and soft, fast and slow, high and low – big and small
Finding your voice:- finding a note, how high, how low can you go?
Term one consists of listening to a wide variety of classical music and describing how it ‘feels’. Music used includes Sabre Dance by Khatchaturian, Carnival of the Animals by Saint Saens, Thunder and Lightning Polka by Strauss, Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky, Scheherezade by Rimsky-Korsakov, Radetsky March by Strauss among others. The use of percussion instruments is employed to create exciting or restful music.

Term 2: Discovering instruments and learning to read music.
Students are introduced to trombones and trumpets, they have a chance to try the instruments, getting a feel for them and the sounds they make. We do 2 weeks on each instrument. Other instruments may be included if they are available they may not be suitable for students to play (for hygiene reasons).
Boomwhackers are used to explore rhythm in more detail, and harmony is also introduced.

Term 3: Code breaking!
Building on the students’ knowledge of pulse and pitch, we now explore how music is written down, learning how to read pitch and rhythm.


Term 4: Performance focus.
Learning about musical structure and layers, boomwhackers, trumpet(s), percussion etc combine to create a performance piece. The focus here is to combine all of our knowledge and play in school assembly sometime, and the band celebration.




Other Activities
There are a number of opportunities for young people to experience live music (other than pop/rock) and I will arrange visits or inform parents of extra-curricular activities they may enjoy, these would include but are not limited to…..NZSO visits, NZSO performances for children, TWSO education programme, TWSO open rehearsals, performances at the Hamilton gardens festival including the grand orchestral finale with the TWSO and fireworks.



Dec 6 2021

Last week for lessons


Hukanui online signups are now live.

Taranaki: contact me for options of lessons over the holidays or start planning for next year.

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