Lessons with Top Note! are available in several formats.


  • Individual, private lessons at my studio, ​

  • Individual lessons at school,

  • Group lessons at school,

  • School Holiday "Boot Camp" - Not currently available

Instruments are available to hire.

I have developed a programme that gives quick results without overly stressing reading music straight away, this makes music accessible to people who have trouble reading, are dyslexic, or who may be put off by having to read dots; I strive to work with the student to achieve the best results for their situation.

Most music is supplied by Top Note and is an additional cost, but very competitively priced and if not held in stock can be in within a few days.

No prior knowledge is assumed or required. Students are taught the fundamentals of reading music that is relevant to them. As soon as possible group playing is introduced as this multiplies up the fun of playing and the speed of learning.


Most students respond well to goal setting and so as soon as they are ready we start working towards performances, competitions and exams although no one is forced to take exams!!!



Nov 26th: Hukanui Demo day: performance band needed from 6 til 7pm


​Nov 30th: hukanui band celebration day, all players involved, minibones and beginner band. Special guest performances from Fairfield Intermediate School Orchestra, and Hamilton Big Band

Dec 4th: Trinity brass and marimba exams

Dec 11th: hukanui graduation, both bands required

  Top Note! for top notch tuition  
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