Over the years I have seen numerous students start to learn to play who regardless of their initial enthusiasm quickly get frustrated by their instrument, whether it be sticky valves or instruments that are not set up to work with the student. To counter this problem TopNote! has sourced a number of quality new and used instruments that are available for hire at very competitive rates.

Top Note! mainly uses Yamaha instruments

Instruments currently available include.... Yamaha 1335, 2320 and 2335 trumpets. Yamaha and Holton tenor trombones.


I also have an Olds Bb/F Bass trom and a Conn 36 alto trombone, these are professional instruments and are only available for short term hire to experienced trombonists.

Hireage is usually for the school year, but instruments may be hired term by term.

Block course students have instrument hire included in their fee and the instrument is available to them for the duration of the course.



Nov 26th: Hukanui Demo day: performance band needed from 6 til 7pm


​Nov 30th: hukanui band celebration day, all players involved, minibones and beginner band. Special guest performances from Fairfield Intermediate School Orchestra, and Hamilton Big Band

Dec 4th: Trinity brass and marimba exams

Dec 11th: hukanui graduation, both bands required

  Top Note! for top notch tuition  
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