Caring for Your Brass Instrument

OK lets keep this simple for now.........

1. It is not only ok but excellent to get a brass instrument wet, ideally they should be cleaned every couple of weeks, but let's be realistic....every school holiday should be considered a minimum, otherwise the playability and sound quality will be compromised. Flush out or soak the instrument in warm soapy water, dismantle it as far as possible, the use of specialist brushes will achieve a better result.

I will post a detailed outline of how to clean instruments soon

NEVER USE BRASS CLEANERS these destroy the surface lacquer.

2. Trumpet valves should be oiled frequently, using specialist valve oil, at least once per week, before the lesson not during it!

3. Trombone slides need specialist lube, I only recommend SLIDE-O-MIX 'Rapid Comfort'.

Use a rag to wipe off the old lube and apply according to instructions on the bottle.

Cleaning brushes and appropriate lubricants are available from the Top Note! Shop



Dec 6 2021

Last week for lessons


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