Practical 2019

coming soon...

Theory 2019

Keegan Grade 3

Marina Grade 5 - distinction

more coming soon

Te Awamutu Band Festival

Hukanui School Band - Silver 2019

Fairfield Intermediate Orchestra - Silver 2019

Hukanui School Band - Gold 2018

Fairfield Intermediate Band - Gold 2018

Hukanui School Band - Silver 2017

Fairfield Intermediate Orchestra - Silver 2017

Hukanui School Band - Silver 2016

Fairfield Intermediate Orchestra - Silver 2016

Practical 2018

Ashton (Trombone) Grade 3

Niels (Trombone) Grade 3

Kaitlyn (Trombone) Grade 3

Cameron (Trombone) Grade 2

Talia (Trombone) Grade 1

Jisun (Marimba) Grade 2

Luise (Marimba) Grade 3

Sam (Trumpet) Grade 6

Keegan (Trumpet) Grade 5

Ravi (Trumpet) Grade 4

Thomas (Trumpet) Grade 3

Alex (Trumpet) Grade 3

Theory 2018

Sarah Grade 2

Kaitlyn Grade 3

Jacob Grade 5

Marina Grade 4

Practical 2017

William (Trombone) Grade 6

Luise (Marimba) Grade 2

Jody (Marimba) Grade 5

Keegan (Trumpet) grade 3


Nov 1st: ABRSM brass exams

Nov 2nd: ABRSM theory exams

Nov 26th: Hukanui Demo day: performance band needed from 6 til 7pm


​Nov 30th: hukanui band celebration day, all players involved, minibones and beginner band. Special guest performances from Fairfield Intermediate School Orchestra, and Hamilton Big Band

Dec 4th: Trinity brass and marimba exams

Dec 11th: hukanui graduation, both bands required

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