Blow-a-thon for Christchurch

Blow-a-thon April 3rd 2011


What an amazing experience!! We played 4 bands over 4 hours with all funds raised going to the Salvation Army Christchurch Appeal fund.

We raised....... $514 ...........well done everyone!

A man came up to me towards the end of the afternoon, he was clearly on the verge of tears. He was from Christchurch and staying in Hamilton for a while. He was totally blown away to see so many people working so hard to raise so much money for the (becoming) forgotten cause of Christchurch, he was doubly affected as he was a trombonist and seeing kids using music to help was amazing. He explained how it is still a living hell down there but it is sadly old news now.

I personally want to thank all those of you who supported this event either by playing or letting me borrow your kids for all those rehearsals and the performance. But also your support on the day, so many parentss helping to organise and letting me focus on the are all wonderful :-)


I may be losing touch with reality here...but we should do this again sometime.



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